Military Fitness Training Dog Grooming

Military Fitness Training also specialize on introduction to Water and Safety Training, Animal Assisted Activities / Therapy Training along with Genral Dog Training.

Being owners of Service Water Rescue and Alternative Assisted / Therapy Newfoundland Dogs, along with showing them, we have a vast experience and knowledge in the large breed dogs in the grooming industry.

Grooming treatment, we offer the following:

– Deep cleansing bath

– Premium shampoo

– De-matting

– Blow dry & brushing

– Ear cleaning & plucking

– Nail clipping & filing

– Paw butter

– Paw tidy

– Teeth clean

– Coat conditioner

– Cologne/spritz


Skills and qualifications

Experience in training Alternative Therapy with Animals

Behavioral modifications Behavioural Modifications

Able to recognise subtle signs of a problem Recognise subtle signs of a problem

Some veterinary experience K9 Health and Condition

 Dog  Pet Advanced Management and care

Grooming certificate Grooming Certificate and Insurance


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