Military Fitness Training Health and Fitness Consultancy

Our Health and Fitness Consultancy is one of our core services. We offer Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching to a wide range of people from professional athletes to people with physical disabilities and those who simply want to better their life-style and well-being.

You won’t find a single pre-written programme, exercise session or protocol in our personal trainer toolbox. In fact, every programme for every client within our company is created from scratch! Now that’s personal training.

No two clients are the same, some will utilise bodyweights, for some it’ll be dumbells, others could use kickboxing and martial arts, a session may even incorporate all of this and more! Because no two clients sessions are the same, we can’t tell you what your training will consist of until we assess you!

One thing you can be sure of however whatever session we create for you will be based upon the very best, most result-producing, system that we can find for your unique circumstances. After all, that’s what you’re paying us for.

Whether you just want to improve your quality of health and lifestyle, lose weight, tone up or become a professional athlete we can provide the correct service and advice for you.

– Personal Fitness Instruction
– Fitness Assessments
– Weight Loss
– Rehabilitation
– Nutritional Advice Diet Plans
– Fitness Programs
– One-to-One Consultancy
– Group Consultations
– Lifestyle Coaching
– Sports Conditioning/Sports Coaching
– Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy

Please read our Consent Form below – by attending a personal training session you are agreeing to it’s contents.

Consent Form (pdf)

Personal training lasts on average 1 hour and can be provided indoors at selected venues or outside.

Personal Training


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