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Yogi Bear the newfoundland is a fully trained AAA Animal Assist Activity / Therapy dog, along with trained in Water Rescue.

Yogi’s daily activities provides an alternative type of therapy to medications, which comes under the realm of Animal Assisted Intervention. Yogi has found positive outcomes and overall improved well-being in those with autism, medical conditions, behavioural issues, depression, and anxiety and stress. Providing therapeutic visits to hospitals, care homes, schools, special care facilities and a variety of other venues.

Yogi is a calm dog with a friendly manner that is not too boisterous, but he can relate to people in different ways. He loves people and is very sociable, loves a cuddle and enjoys putting a smile on a person’s face.

Yogi’s hobbies include Water Rescue training with Aberdeen Surf Life Saving Club. Meeting up with his Newfoundland buddies at the Scottish Newfoundland Club down South, for Sunday water/land rescue training.

Cindy Bear the newfoundland is our newest addition to our family and work.  Cindy is in training at present and will become a fully trained AAA Animal Assist Activity / Therapy dog, along with trained in Water Rescue like Yogi Bear.

Cindy is an energetic, confident and clever dog.  Cindy is able to understand commands very easily, making her training adventurous and fun.

Military Fitness Training also specialize on introduction to Water and Safety Training, Animal Assisted Activities / Therapy Training along with Dog Grooming.

If you would like to book a visit from our dogs or like to book a dog training lesson and get some advice, please get in touch.

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